Are you feeling creatively inspired for the holidays? Do you believe that handmade gifts, custom cards and personalized greetings can make a difference when it comes to holiday cheer? With a little extra planning, there’s ample opportunity during the holiday season to get crafty and stay ahead of the creativity curve using custom printing in your efforts.

If you’re purchasing digital files from a site like Etsy, contact us if you need printing help for oversized designs or bulk cards – it often costs less to use your local printer than to buy a new ink cartridge and paper supplies for your home printer. We have a variety of materials and paper stocks at our disposal and can help you find the perfect medium to complement your design.

So let’s get to it – there are a number of completely custom options waiting for you beyond these suggestions, and plenty of time to execute whether you’re looking for ideas for personal or company use. From a practical standpoint, company or team branded items with legs – such as calendars or planners – are great for visibility as well as client and staff engagement. But they also represent an opportunity to reinforce your brand personality and have some fun with traditional print pieces.

Custom Calendars

It’s no surprise that calendars would be one of the first items we think of when it comes to customizing. As mentioned, this is a gift that has legs, and presents an abundance of opportunity to put your unique spin on it. Mark important dates (birthdays, holidays, vacations, graduations, etc.) and consider using this piece as a means to countdown to big project deadlines, product rollouts and company milestones. Plot out the year with meaningful content, and fun or beautiful photos. This format is GREAT for artists, galleries, photographers, designers and architects; a year-long portfolio that not only shows off your work, but can be used for resale or gifts.

We have monthly wall calendars (starting with minimums as few as five) as well as yearly at-a-glance desk calendars available online, but we LOVE putting together custom calendar projects in-house that use different sizes and materials to produce something truly unique. Contact us for a custom quote request.


Greeting Cards

One of the most popular categories we print during this time of year, greeting cards don’t have to break the bank to be personal. And they’re certainly not going to be something you receive duplicates of in the mail. Send a heartfelt message to loved ones, offer a uniquely hilarious photo to make someone’s day, or create a masterpiece of original artwork. There is no limit to what this blank canvas has to offer when it comes to sending good cheer and tidings for a new year.

Flat and folded bulk cards are available for large mailings, and sets as few as 10 are available for those of you who just want a handful to mail out on your own. Looking for a different size or quantity than what’s available online? Contact us for a custom quote request.


Window and Wall Vinyl Decals

The truly wonderful thing about this time of year is that window decals can make your home or business the most festive place to be for weeks upon weeks. And you can print just about anything your heart desires in full color or create custom diecut shapes from classic red, blue, green and white vinyl. Whether you go vintage or modern, you can create a winter wonderland across your storefront or the 12 Days of Christmas on your stairwell. Have some fun with colorful candy floor decals or go big with a full or partial temporary wall graphic. The best part? Graphics are reposition able, reusable and won’t damage walls or paint when you’re ready to remove. If you’ve got the holiday spirit, let everyone know it.

Retailers can use this cost-effective decorating idea to promote Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, seasonal sale discounts and run all the way through the new year with well-designed graphics. Plan in advance, and have everything printed at once to save time and money. The possibilities with window decals and wall graphics are truly limitless, contact us for a custom quote request if you have a great idea.


Gift Tags, Stickers and Gift Certificates/Cards

We know, it’s easy to buy a package of gift tags and stickers when you’ve already spent a ton of time and money picking out the perfect gifts. If, however, you’re a small local business working on a big holiday haul of goods, we can help you out with branded custom gift tags, stickers and gift certificates or cards unique to you. Sometimes it’s that extra little something that pushes you right over the edge of perfection. If it can be printed, we can help you out. Contact us for a custom quote request.

Custom Notepads and Planners

Is there anything more personal than a weekly planner or custom notepad? We don’t think so. Design notepads that ooze personality, hilarity or inspiration to drive you in the right direction in the coming year. Use variable data to produce individualized planners for a work team, friend circle or staff gift. Devise a brilliant branding plan for company gifts or retail offerings. Make planning and writing fun and productive with a design that’s made-to-order just how you want it. Contact us for a custom quote request.


Gift Ideas: Canvas, Bamboo, Paper or Brushed Metal Art Prints

We see a lot of beautiful work coming into our shop – by talented professional and amateur artists of varying mediums as well as photographers. And we work with folks to find just the right fit for the material option and size that fits into their budgets. It’s such a great feeling to gift and receive personal artwork and photography. Using materials like eco-conscious bamboo and brushed metal can also add great texture and shine for gift-giving. And canvas print is a classic investment, especially if you’re going big on your format.

Refurbishing a cool thrift store frame or handcrafting a new one is also a great way to go – and we can help with large and small format paper or giclee prints for any project you have in mind. We also have image scanning services available and can help you turn your original works into digitized format. Once you’ve picked out your artwork, stop by or contact us for a custom quote request.

Bonus gifting points: Looking for something ultra unique? We can print on stone, wood, acrylic and just about any material that’s flat with our flatbed printer. Print your design on materials you supply; the only catch – it needs to be 1.5” depth or less. Questions about size restrictions or machine capabilities? We’ve printed on tabletops, flat doors, stone tablets, old pieces of wood, metal, stretched canvas, wood flooring…use your imagination for a one-of-a-kind gift idea. Contact us for a custom quote request or stop by with your material to consult with us.