United has installed the first-of-its-kind HP R2000 Latex Printer - a hybrid solution that allows both rigid and flexible sign and display printing in one device.
(December 18, 2018) United print. signs. graphics. has installed the first HP R2000 Latex Printer of its kind in the Pacific Northwest. The R2000 is a game-changing large format hybrid solution that offers rigid and flexible sign and display printing in one device. It represents a milestone in printing technology by coupling high productivity with revolutionary ink versatility and advanced workflow solutions.

The HP R2000 Latex Printer uses water-based inks to achieve a vibrant color gamut and amazing white ink capability while retaining durability (greater scratch-resistance) and emits virtually no environmental toxins. The ability to print on both rigid and flexible materials allows for higher accuracy with color portfolio settings when matching across mediums marking a step forward for the customer branding experience.

President Michael Barrett noted, “Two of the biggest reasons that we wanted to be part of the initial rollout on this amazing piece of equipment boil down to the ‘green’ factor and the incredible advancement in technology. This machine is incredibly environmentally-friendly; the reduced temperatures and zero smell allows us to achieve higher sustainability practices. This new generation technology dramatically expands our printable color gamut for our color-critical clients. These water-based inks are wonderful in that they achieve a super vibrant color and a white point that’s so much brighter than any of the UV systems we looked at. Another perk particular to indoor use and archival/fine art prints, is that they won’t fade or yellow over time and the ink will basically outlast the media it’s printed on.”

The HP Latex R2000 is the ultimate printing solution for large format applications involving retail pieces, outdoor signage, banners, wall murals, window graphics, vehicle wraps, event and exhibition displays, and much more. As United enters its 20th year in business in 2019, the emphasis on reinvesting in equipment, resources, and industry-leading technology is paramount to continued growth and unprecedented demand for large format printing in the Seattle market.

“Large format printing is one of the areas we’ve been focusing on for the past several years. The combination of the productivity and quality from this machine in contrast to the others we evaluated is what sealed the deal,” says Barrett. “For example, this allows us to increase our capacity to take on additional regional and national print campaigns without disrupting our ability to serve our larger contractual clients like the City of Seattle and King County as well as local small business owners, artists and nonprofit organizations. We can continue to evolve and expand our in-house services for years to come with cutting-edge printing equipment like the HP R2000.”

Equipment features / highlights:

  • One technology for the same look across rigid and flexible campaigns – flatbed, sheet feed, roll feed all-in-one
  • In-house custom printing on media up to 98 inches 
  • Bright, glossy white prints on transparent and color media with high-opacity (resists yellowing over time*)
  • Durable and flexible water-based ink with latex overcoat for high adhesion and scratch resistance
  • Eco-friendly: no Hazardous Air Pollutants, no localized ventilation needed
  • Increased productivity with automatic maintenance, smart vacuum and assisted loading

*Indoor use-specific. Perfect for archival and fine art prints, as well as interior design elements in a controlled environment.

More about the HP Latex R2000 Series Printer:  http://bit.ly/hpr2000-lgformat