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All trade show booth displays are NOT created equal. Your visual presentation will either make someone stop in their tracks to hear your pitch, or keep on moving. You spent money and resources to attend an event, so make sure you maximize your brand exposure while you’re there. Your display area should create a strong impression with eye-popping graphics and creative branding solutions. Make them notice!

Fabric Displays

Whether you’re looking to update an existing display unit or invest in a newer portable option, we carry a wide range of options featuring common and top brands in the industry. EZ Tube (straight, curved, tower and pillar displays), Wallbox and Ready Pop Displays are some of our favorites that offer versatility, ease of use and sizing up to 20’.

Pop Up Displays

The Big Wave Pop Up Display, a trade show classic, comes with everything you need to effectively promote your product. Designed specifically to fit 10ft. trade show booths, the straightforward look of the Big Wave gives a professional presentation. Expand the geometric aluminum frame, click locking mechanisms into place, and hang the graphic panels to complete set up. Various styles and sizes available up to 20ft wide.

Truss System

Truss systems boast some impressive sturdiness in a collapsible unit that features a sleek design. The truss system is designed to handle some weight, and is often used to support LCD and plasma technologies with some modifications. This is a great option for temporary exhibits (indoor or outdoor) that may remain in place longer than a few days to provide maximum visual impact and structure.

Custom Build Displays

Perhaps your display has yet to be built and you have an interesting idea that requires some serious structural skills. We live for clients like you, who push the limitations of event, trade show and exhibit structures to the next level. We partner with some crazy talented fabricators, welders, seamstresses and specialty printing manufacturers who will happily participate in creating a unique piece that sets just the right tone for your event and defies a traditional mindset. Contact us to schedule a consultation for your out-of-the-box ideas.

Retractable Banner Stands (Full & Tabletop)

Uniquely designed to be durable, stylish and reusable, retractable floor and tabletop banner stands are perfectly portable for any occasion. Graphics are easily changeable and widths range between 24” and 60”. A deluxe travel bag is included to make this a compact and manageable item that fits easily in any vehicle or as a carry-on for plane travel.

Hanging Banners

Where’s your booth? Get seen from practically anywhere with a hanging banner above your booth. Fabric graphics stretch and zip shut over a durable, lightweight aluminum frame. Styles available include circles, squares, triangles, pinwheels, etc. Height and diameter sizes vary. The hanging banner includes a soft carry bag for easy transport and storage.

Custom Poster/Promotional Pieces

Poster and promotional designs are only limited to your imagination. We can offer a traditional poster mounted to gator board, or you can get creative and tap into a range of interesting substrate options that will help you stand out. We’ve produced unique pieces for photo cutout promotions and printed mountable signs from wood, metal, plastic and more. Create a buzz (and some photo worthy opportunities) at your next show or exhibit with a fun and unique piece that will have everyone talking.

Table Throws

Table throws have come a long way from the old one or two color logo prints. We offer a range of stretch, fitted and regular table throws that take your booth space to the next level. If you’re looking to promote a special or punch up a product launch, customized table throws add impact without breaking your event budget. Order options include a standard 4, 6 or 8 ft. table fit and feature vibrant dye sub full color printing.

Flyers, Postcards, Brochures & Business Cards

These items are pretty self-explanatory, but contact us to create pieces that will stand out in a swag bag full of product paraphernalia. You don’t have to spend a ton of budget money to align these items with your booth graphics, AND you can get everything you need for your entire show, festival or fair experience at United. Let us provide you with a full-service solution and track all your needs in one spot. Make life easier and save time and money.


Outdoor Displays:

Canopy Tents

Looking to make an impression without having extra banners and items flying around at your outdoor events? Provide your prospective customers with shelter from the elements and give the appearance of a perfectly branded beacon in any conditions. Full color graphics are printed on water-resistant material with a special UV-cured drying process. Finished tents are shiny, vivid and have added protection to lengthen their shelf life.


Flags are the perfect accessory for capturing attention, especially in an outdoor festival/fair setting or as a waving wand of interest on a large trade show floor. A small feather flag (up to 10 ft.) or a teardrop banner (approx. 8 ft.) can be used in either an indoor or outdoor setting with options for single-or double-sided printing. Contact us to find out more about how flag printing can complement your efforts.

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