Have some fun with your in-house branding! Consider wall graphics and wayfinding systems to reinforce your message and provide visual interest for your clients, staff and potential community partners. You have valuable real estate just waiting to be utilized. Create a conversation piece and make a lasting impression that represents your brand working WITH your environment.

Rock Creek brought the Pacific Northwest surroundings into their dining area.
Rock Creek, Seattle – dining room graphics.

Environmental graphic design, or “experiential design” as it’s also referred to, embraces the interior and exterior space it inhabits as a means of expression to provide a rich, harmonious blend of your brand with the customer experience. In other words, it’s a chance to thoughtfully carry your brand and message through every square inch of a customer’s interaction with your company, resources or services.

This provides an opportunity to show off who you really are – company culture literally climbing up the walls. Environmental design includes branding and identity, signage and wayfinding, with an emphasis on maximizing architectural details, color palette and a whole heap of creativity. So whether your vibe is urban, artsy and modern or more steeped in tradition, working with your walls, windows, stairwells, doorways and yes, even elevators, is an opportunity to reflect your values and message.

Providing visual interest and packing it with strategic branding can also be extremely motivating for your staff (whose efficiency may increase just by having something to look at that doesn’t involve beige paint) and instill a sense of pride in their surroundings. Perhaps most importantly, making even minimal changes to the environment provides a potential connection point to clients, investors and others who want to engage with your brand. You’re in the business of building relationships, so why not tap into what makes you unique with visual and sensory cues that reinforce your identity?

Crosson Ski brings the spirit of the slopes to their retail floor with custom wall graphics.
Crosson Ski, Tukwila – bringing the slopes to the retail floor.

There are a number of ways to take advantage of pre-existing architectural elements and a pumped up wayfinding system that don’t require construction or inflated material costs. We consult with clients every day who look for ways to take their blank canvases (walls, windows, and doorways) and make them work in their favor, both environmentally and budgetary.

We love the idea of placing graphics in unexpected places – think about your back stairwell that leads to/from a parking garage or lot, inside an elevator, or even a private bathroom space. Spruce up your break room or small meeting rooms. Set the tone in an entryway or long hallway. Generate interest on cubicle walls or utilize interior office windows. Get creative and have some fun. Express yourself as a company, entrepreneur or owner in your own unique way.

Check out this wonderful gallery of environmental graphics on Pinterest to unlock your imagination: https://www.pinterest.com/explore/environmental-graphics/

Then give us a call to talk over material options (we have temporary movable materials or more permanent solutions), pricing and timelines. Contact us for a quote or to set up a site survey – and sketch or collect your ideas as they come to you.


Check out some of the graphics we’ve produced for our clients recently in the gallery below.