The style and tone of 3W is evident at the front door. Photo by Michael Curtis.

3W Medical for Women recently opened its doors in Seattle’s University District neighborhood. United print. signs. graphics. worked with the 501 (c) (3) nonprofit’s Helen Heidenreich (Nguyen), Advancement Director, to help set just the right tone for a comfortable, inviting environment for the evidence-based medical services and education 3W provides.

The nature of their business requires both privacy and compassionate care, two qualities they wanted to reflect not only in the branding, but the type of materials and products used to create that safe space. For art and style direction, Helen enlisted the talents of several local artists and designers to create the branding and style direction for clinic materials and the interior space.

She remarked, “We always prefer to work with local talents so we reached out to some good friends of ours. Erik Kennedy and Brad Willis were the ones that helped us pick out the colors/logo as well as did a complete overhaul of our website: From there Nancy Nguyen, our graphic designer, helped us design all of our printed materials. Nikki Stahira (local up-and-coming artist) customized all of our “nature” inspired artwork in our rooms as well as Jesson Mata, who helped me design the front waiting room area and set the tone for the rest of the clinic. Since I am the Advancement Director (and am in charge of all marketing and branding), I was able to really grab inspiration from our logo and use those colors to design the clinic space. We know that our patients love the U-village. The feelings they get when they shop there is what we wanted to incorporate in to our space. We want our patients to have a calm and peaceful yet professional experience when they walk in to our clinic. And I think we were able to achieve that. Trust me though, I am no designer, it took many people with many their talents to make this space beautiful. We like to think that if Nordstrom and Starbucks had a baby, it would look like the clinic.”

Custom window graphics add privacy & branding.

When it came time to put plans into action, Helen contacted United and worked with company president Michael Barrett to discuss options and budget. “Both Nancy and I worked closely with Michael to get exactly what we needed. The window wraps took a lot of back and forth, and I think since what we needed was a bit unique, Michael was able to create a customized piece for us. Especially since we needed the graphics to be installed on the inside of the windows,” Helen said.

The process of choosing a vendor to work with had to live up to Helen’s own high standards. She looked for three things in particular: “Quality of product (I’m very picky and I pay a lot of attention to detail), turnaround time and if I was treated like an important customer. I felt like United was able to hit all of these criteria. As the founder of the 3W, I was extremely particular to what I wanted it to look like and I felt that United was able to deliver what they said they were going to do.”

Custom letters were created for the wood panel in the lobby.

Barrett remarked, “Every customer is important to our business. I listened to Helen’s challenges regarding privacy and, as she said, the unique needs of the space on our first consultation. Then I offered up suggestions on the materials and products that made the most sense for the clinic and their budget. We take all of our clients’ feedback into consideration when we discuss interior and exterior solutions, and really look closely at the environment to offer ideas and options that will make a lasting impact. Our first priority is always to make our customer happy and to do beautiful work. Working with 3W, and Helen in particular, gave us an opportunity to see the entire space come together – from window graphics, sign fabrication, custom door graphics, room signs, brochures, parking lot signs and A-Boards. The space looks fresh, lively, and embodies the spirit of the work being done there on a daily basis.”

According to Helen, the end result of these combined efforts is an absolute hit with the patients and staff at 3W. “Everyone LOVES the look of the clinic. From our patients to donors/supporters. They all have said they feel at peace, comfortable and cared for in the space.”

To view some of United’s work in person and to find out more about 3W Medical for Women, stop by their gorgeous space at 45th & 8th Ave E in the U District. Visit them online at or follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for more.



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